5 Steps to Lasting Health and Fitness

5 Steps to Lasting Health and Fitness  After a dental procedure, my dentist recommended a liquid diet. Now, being a lady from the south where beef is a staple, the thought of only shakes, broth and water were not what I had in mind. Drudgingly, I went to the market and grocery store and brought .. read more

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Purpose & Inspiration

I’m inspired by so many people on a daily basis. Not just in fitness but in life. Today I was inspired after watching old footage of Josephine

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Matters of the Heart!

February is an important month for so many people: For many people they honor the many contributions that people of color have made to American History. Since I went to a Performing Arts High School that is now a historical landmark. I will pay honor to Booker T. Washington For some people they are .. read more

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