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  Madison Chase Fitness Worlds Only ESPN 3 Time Miss Fitness Champ Madonna Tribute: 


The first artist I ever noticed to have amazingly toned arms was the queen of Pop! Madonna is an outspoken advocate of eating healthy food and constantly staying dedicated to her workouts. Her physique on and off the stage were the biggest indicator that she truly believed in health and fitness as a “lifestyle.” Madonna’s look was reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe, but Madonna’s ability to maintain a femininely chiseled physique came with and edge. Growing up, there were not many artists I cared to see in concert, but an opportunity to see Madonna and her dancers was a concert I could not pass up. Madonna is the true definition of fitness and what one can do at any age. Thank you Madonna for your energy, your creativity in movement and your dedication to being an advocate of eating healthy. You inspire me to be fit and to strive to be the best.