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EXECUTION: Tranceform-fitness Life Coaching is a technique that ensures proper alignment in every area of your life. Posture and alignment are an integral part of Madison’s philosophy. TLC’s mission is to prevent injury, and maintain a healthy kinetic chain. Fitness begins internally. TLC will take the time to get you fit from the inside out.

PASSION: As a young child Madison’s passion was to speak up for the voiceless faces. At 10 years old she wanted to change the way her younger cousin was treated because she didn’t look like the other kids.

Her passion at an early age transformed into a woman who was fueled by education and the thirst for wisdom. “My goal with every client is to create an environment where each and every client will begin to live and breathe healthier choices. Choices that they will one day pass on to their children, and leave, a new legacy of fitness.”

She believes each and every day you are blessed with breath in your body you have a choice: A choice to make healthier decisions that are based on information that each client has gathered for themselves, and not what consumers are bombarded with in an age of oversaturated media.

CHALLENGE: Madison challenges each client to take responsibility for where they are physically, and emotionally. Once we are able to accept complete responsibility that our choices have led us to the place we are presently, and then we can move forward with making permanent changes.

So if you are ready for the journey I am ready to lead you to
Madison Chase Fitness…A Legacy of Fitness.