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Purpose & Inspiration

I’m inspired by so many people on a daily basis. Not just in fitness but in life. Today I was inspired after watching old footage of Josephine Baker.

Madison Chase Fitness Purpose & Inspiration

I was inspired by my mother who in spite of trials and significant loss she still smiles because she knows whose hands she’s in. I was inspired by my cousin who met someone in her business who is truly called to his purpose. I was inspired by my friend’s son when saying “mommy” he sounded  as if he was almost 3. What’s your purpose and is it different from what God has for you?

MY 2013 GOAL is to motivate you weekly via my                          FACEBOOK  & YOUTUBE channel:

#MOTIVATEMONDAYS:  My goal is to give you motivating quotes and videos to keep you motivated and put action to your motivation during your week to make healthier choices. 

#TRUTHFULTUESDAYS:  We are so bombarded with what is the truth behind what we eat and consume and often do to get fit my mission is to give you an unbiased, uncensored truth behind what will keep you healthy inside and out. 

#WORKOUTWEDNESDAYS: As a former NBC ” Workout Wednesday” Tv segment host my goal is to give you basic, intermediate and advance workout tips to help you sculpt and change your physique. 

#THANKFULTHURSDAYS: In the hustle and bustle of life and work we often forget to take a moment to be thankful for the little       things. So this weekly post will keep the little things in the fore front of your mind. 

#FITFRIDAYS: It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community of people to help you stay healthy inside and out. Fit Fridays              will take on the latest fitness craze to see if it is joint friendly and give you great alternatives so that you can maintain your fitness level at any age. Changing how you treat your heart ( physically, emotionally, and spiritually) a healthier fit body will eventually follow.  

#SENSATIONALSATURDAYS:  You have everything you already need to lead an empowered life. So know that however your day starts you can still make it sensational. 

#SOULFILLEDSUNDAYS: Are you seeking Gods approval and face or are you asking him to consign on your plans? Soul Filled      Sundays will take what you are hopefully getting in your praise and worship and help you turn that praise and worship to faith in action.


Thank you for checking out my website and please join my professional FACEBOOK, and YOUTUBE Page for your weekly  Motivation.

Madison Chase

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3 Responses to Purpose & Inspiration
  1. Love this!

  2. Madison, I love your website in its entirety. The commercial regarding your INSPIRATION — is Historically and Future-wise PRICELESS. You are a jewel and Ms. Josephine Baker would be so very proud that she helped to shape any part of who you are today . Sure – I love your website, but so help me God, I LOVE YOU MORE. Keep pushing positive, shaping-up the masses and GIVING GOD THE PRAISE. I’ll always be watching you. xoxoxox


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